Nexy Higgs - 7-Ply All Wood for Topspin Attack

$ 140.00

The HIGGS is a 7-Ply all-wood offensive topspin attacking blade with excellent feel and a nice top gear. The feel is unique and must be experienced to know for oneself. The blade is one of the 4th Generation of Nexy blade design, striving to use the unconventional to achieve something not yet done. Core is burned wood and outer veneers are Wenge wood. 

The designer of the blade describes it as follows:  

From the time I began using a new material, Wenge, Nexy began showing the uniqueness and value of the 4th generation blades. Previously, Nexy had used familiar woods that other brands normally use, but using materials such as Wenge has helped to define Nexys direction and identity.



Wenge has elements of  
line, which is a primary characteristic of 4th generation blades. But this feeling of dragging becomes stronger or weaker depending on what kind of wood is layered. When I developed CHEDECH to ZEALOT, I tried to enhance the feeling of the line to drag the ball harder, but with OLAM I intentionally reduced the feeling of the line to make a quick reaction in a moment. By analyzing the dragging point of ZEALOT and the quick reaction of OLAM, I began thinking about the combination of dragging point from surface and the deepness of the middle layer. This dragging element central to the development of CHEDECH and OLAM. So, I developed two blades that combine dragging and deepness elements for Nexys 4th generation blades. HIGGS is one of these blades.



To combine those two elements, the layers below the top ply of CHEDECH was developed to be harmonized with proper bounce and proper staying. This means, it depends on the thickness and arrangement of these layers to determine how deep and how bouncy. HIGGS was born by properly combining these elements. So, HIGGS has been developed to grab the ball, but it can also bounce back the ball with appropriate depth. I think OLAM users and ZEALOT users will find that HIGGS falls somewhere in between. Still, HIGGS
s main characteristic is to be a 7-ply version of CHEDECH. HIGGS provides the powerful attack of CHEDECH, but with a solid 7-ply layered feel and performance. This is accomplished by the additional plies, not by using a special material. HIGGS was designed during the same time as CHEDECH.



Players who are interested in CHEDECH, but hesitate because of the price should take a look at HIGGS!

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