ZEALOT - Fast and Stable Offensive Blade

$ 130.00



  • Head Size 157 x 150mm
  • Thickness 5.7mm
  • Layers 5 Wood

    Nexy uniquely writes detailed articles for each blade. You may be curious to know why other brands don’t provide such comprehensive descriptions about their blades. There could be many answers, but I think the most obvious and simple answer is that they cannot spend the time eulogizing upon the release of each new product. Most brands produce without focusing on creating something different from previous models, so they cannot repeat the same explanation for each blade. Even though they might be fortunate enough to produce something better than before, they still cannot claim that their new blades are better because that would upset customers who bought previous models.

    As for Nexy, I do not try to upgrade, but rather I try to focus on what I want to make at that specific moment. So, most blades are somewhat different from previous models. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that Nexy has grown and improved, especially with ZEALOT, which represents a huge step forward. This blade features all the good things Nexy has been endeavoring to equip in its blades, and I have some information to share to illustrate all the upgraded features.

    One of the differences between the 3rd and 4th Generation blades is that the balance point of features has shifted. Speed is now more emphasized. With celluloid balls, Nexy did not focus as much on speed. When you compare the 3rd and 4th Generations you will notice that 4th Generation blades are generally a little faster without being thicker. In this way, Nexy has certainly advanced. The easiest way to add speed is to make the blade thicker, but Nexy’s 4th Generation will not be that way, except for AKRASIA, which has been created by players’ request, not from the designer’s own concept.

    The second feature is “point” factor. Nexy’s latest designs focus on this element, which allows players to feel the impact of the ball on one focused point and at a specific depth, not on the whole plane. When I designed ZEALOT, I tried to understand that this “point” factor is not only a sharp point on the blade, but also a wider area that allows players to feel the entire impact zone of the ball. Still, it’s not the whole blade, but a specific area that we can call “point.” I previously mentioned this concept during the release of CHEDECH, because I thought it was important to understand that the “point” factor is wider than the 3rd Generation for optimal use with the poly ball. For the 3rd Generation, I tried to design a blade with very sharp point factor, almost like a needle’s point. But with the 4th Generation, I made this point wider to cover the entire impact zone of the ball.

    This concept inspired me to find new surface woods. I used Wenge wood for CHEDECH and a special secret wood for ZEALOT. This unique and mysterious top ply gives players a wider point area on the blade, which allows a more stable stroke per each movement without sacrificing speed. It is very stable at all positions. I am sure that ZEALOT will raise Nexy to a new level as a globally successful brand.


    The name “ZEALOT” comes from the Jewish people, who resisted Roman tyranny. We can relate this word to “Passion,” which is the very core aspect for Nexy to be Nexy. And now, with this blade ZEALOT, people will see Nexy’s true spirit, which will never yield to any temptation or threat!

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