Ace - Fast ALC with Feel

$ 130.00

The ACE is a fast ALC blade with a softer feel. Has a great top end gear and surprisingly controllable low gear. Feel at impact is softer than the popular ALC blades on the market. The outer plies are Hinoki, which gives a powerful shot with a boatload of spin when you bang it. This blade offers the top and middle speed of popular ALC blades, but with an more feel for the ball. You would have to hit with such a blade to feel for yourself.

The blade averages around 86 grams with a few grams variance. Thickness is 6.5mm. Construction is 3 plies wood with ALC. Outer plies are Hinoki, thin. Core is one ply very thick. ALC layer is right under outer plies.

Here is how Nexy Korea describes the blade. A long discussion. This blade is named after a very good amateur player (2400 USATT+) in Korea -Yoon Hong Kyun. William from Nexy USA has played in several tourneys in Korea when YHK played. William can say YHK's play style of hard attacks and touch shots is very well suited for this blade.

More detailed pics of blade at the bottom of the page. 

ACE is Nexy's 5th generation blade that was created by Yun Hong Kyun, a top player in the Korean amateur league. Nexy has sponsored him for the past 11 years. He has done many things to help Nexy grow in the field of table tennis, and now he has joined our team as an employee. Yun's role has been really huge for Nexy, and we wanted to thank him by making a blade with his name on it. The combination of his many years of experience and Nexy's accumulation of technology combined to create "ACE".

First of all, let's check the main purpose of the blade with his play.

As you can see in the video clip, Yun has his own unique playing style. His forehand and backhand drives are very short with simple swings, and it seems like he instantly reel-in and rolls-up the ball. This is quite unlike the European playing style that opens-up with a big swing, and unlike the Chinese style that is very tight with a strong stroke. The difference is he uses his elbow as a pivot and quickly folds and strokes. 

Yet, this is not exclusively a result of Yun's technique. To fully understand his movement, we need to understand the correlation between Hinoki wood and Korean table tennis. The Hinoki wood has a nature of viscosity, and due to this feature it does not allow players to drive with the arm swinging wide or from bottom to top and from back to front in one direction. The ball sticks and it follows while swinging, and players have to cover and press down the ball to prevent the ball from rising. Because of this characteristic, players who regularly use Hinoki wood cannot easily move to another type of surface. On the contrary, it takes time to get used to this type of surface when you come from another type.

However, historically, Korean table tennis has been more dependent on Hinoki wood than any other country in the world. The Korean fascination with Hinoki wood began when Japanese penholders were forming the mainstream, and most of their blades were made of Hinoki. After that, the Hinoki surfaced blades dominated the market even while shakehands were gaining in popularity. As a player, Yun Hong Kyun belongs to that generation, and his fast folding style of play is closely related to the Hinoki surface material. 

However, the characteristics of Hinoki material is not necessarily optimal for table tennis. If it were, it would have continued to dominate the market. Particularly in the Japanese market, the popularity of Hinoki material has been rapidly disappearing. By today’s standards, Hinoki wood is considered a slow material. Therefore, playing with a Hinoki layer requires proper skill and training.

Nexy's ACE was developed to properly neutralize the negative characteristics of Hinoki material. If it used special materials other than the special materials currently used, those results could not easily be realized. The thickness of the surface layer is also adjusted with these things in mind. For example, in the case of Nexy's Hannibal blade, the thickness of layers are maximized to draw out the characteristics of Hinoki to appeal to the players who prefer the Hinoki+carbon material from the past. Therefore, those who like the characteristics of Hinoki will be able to freely control and maximize the properties of this blade.

 However, Nexy's Oscar, Oz, etc., which were formerly used by Yun Hong Kyun, have added the sense similar to non-Hinoki surface materials while limiting those characteristics. If you compare Oscar and Hannibal, this will be visualized immediately. The thickness of Oscar's Hinoki surface is only half of Hannibal.

Therefore, we used Hinoki material, but taking into consideration Yun Hong Kyun's fast swing, we adjusted the viscosity of Hinoki material accordingly.

 And one more thing I wanted to mention, in recent years Yun Hong Kyun has been looking for a faster blade. In the past, Nexy did not make very fast blades. We were more focused on the balance and we were trying to find the position within the point of balance. Therefore, ACE has some different characteristics than previous Nexy blades.

 Many users will compare ACE with Akrasia because of the similar speed. Until now, with the exception of ACE, Nexy's blades have been within our general speed range. Yun Hong Kyun had been choosing his blades from Nexy's blade line-up, but ACE was made specifically for his playing style. This is the reason for its high-speed.

 Another thing to point out is that the weight of this blade is very light. We might make heavier blades in the future, but for now we need the lighter blades to offset the weight of today’s popular rubbers, like the MX-S. And, due to the change of the official table tennis ball, players need to swing faster than before, so we thought it best to create lighter blades help players generate speed and spin as well as compensate for increased rubber weight. Also, Nexy is more focused on the market for Amateur players who prefer lighter blades. It’s worth noting that pro players still prefer heavy blades.

If this is your time to use hard, heavy rubbers, the lightweight of ACE may be the blade choice for you. We hope you love it!

Thank you.

 Here is a vid of him playing in a National tourney Div 1, which averages between 2300-2400 USATT.






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