Moon, UI Bae is the President and CEO of NEXY Korea and its parent company,, which has become the dominant Table Tennis Equipment seller in Korea. President Moon started his company small with the concept of making blades that work great and are distinctive in nature and function. Below are many LONG articles President Moon wrote on the forums about what he is thinking when he designs a series of blades and certain blades. He is very innovative and leaves no possibility unexplored when pondering what will work together that no one has tried before.
Here are some of his articles...


My original idea for Nexy blades was much different than it is today.
I had been a Tibhar agent since 2007 and a Stiga agent since 2010. 
I had the opportunity to study hundreds of good quality blades. 
However, when I first began Nexy’s blade line I stopped studying blades and began analyzing my findings.

I focused on creating something very different from the blade line of those two brands. 
I wanted Nexy to produce different blades rather than better blades. 
If I tried to make better blades, then I would have been studying, upgrading, and copying part of Tibhar and Stiga’s original designs, which is something I was careful not to do! 


Nexy’s First-Generation (also called “The First Wave”)

  • DEXTER: 5-ply, with Hinoki surface. Fastest ever 5-ply blade
  • COLOR: 5-ply, with Hinoki surface with good feeling and a heavy touch
  • HANNIBAL: Hinoki carbon blade with a natural feeling
  • OSCAR: Hinoki arylate carbon blade with a natural feeling

 Nexy’s second-generation :

  • SPEAR: Deep impact, solid response, and controlled dual impact.
  • LISSOM: Maximized dual impact and oriented for continuous looping.
  • CALIX: Big dual impact and extremely thin attacking blade (4.9mm)
  • CALIX 2: Medium dual impact with moderate power and balanced feeling and speed.
  • QABOD: Medium dual impact, with a solid feel and good speed.
  • AMAZON: Controlled dual impact, using white ash surface wood and a balanced shape.
  • SPARTACUS: Controlled dual impact, featuring Japanese Hinoki surface.

Nexy's third-generation blades:

  • PETERPAN: Powerful, but balanced 5-ply blade.
  • INCA: Speedy, but light feeling Hinoki carbon blade
  • ARIRANG: Powerful carbon blade with aramid carbon layer
  • KIM JUNG HOON: Powerful 7-ply blade with a high curve, long trajectory, and moderate dual impact
  • OZ (Chinese Penholder only). Powerful attacking blade with a Hinoki surface.
  • AKTIUM: Defensive blade with different surface woods on each side
  • KANAPH: This is 3.5-generation blade, following the third-generation. It is a thin, but speedy Hinoki carbon blade.


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Team Nexy El Paso Mark Flores wins tourney !!

Mark Flores won the 4th Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial Tourney.  Yeah !!!  

Coca beach club is the newest one to use NEXY poly balls in their future tournament.

Coca beach club has decided to use NEXY poly balls in their future tournament.