Our MISSION is to elevate Table Tennis in USA to a level of high participation and enjoyment on both social and competitive settings. We will accomplish that by encouraging children and potential players of all ages to participate in Table Tennis and later adopt TT as a community and school sport. We wish to engage PARENTS, business leaders, religious leaders, and school leaders in sharing the true joy and competitive fun that is Table Tennis.

Rome wasn't built in one day... Nexy will help the great people in USA who are already working hard in the sport to accomplish this by..

1) Establishing itself in the USA Table Tennis scene as a serious brand with a focus on growing Table Tennis.

2) Assist many young players already in the sport, provide them with a partial sponsorship, motivate them to proudly wear our uniform and grow their skills for the sport, and convince the parents that TT is a great sport to have their children love. The children and adults wearing Nexy and enjoying TT will attract other children and parents to the sport and it will build from there. This will give leaders in Table Tennis leverage for the next step: Creating demand for TT Teams and LEAGUES in both regular life and in SCHOOLS.

3) Engage community, religious, business, government, and school leaders to adopt Table Tennis as a social, fun, and competitive sport.

4) Work WITH all the amazing people in Table Tennis who are making a difference in growing Table tennis in USA. NexyUSA wants to further build and develop the market so EVERYONE wins. Wouldn't it be great to have TT so popular and everywhere so that you could airdrop yourself in USA and be able to play TT at a competitive and social fun level everywhere?

5) Work to change our culture in USA to be much more friendly and welcome to Table Tennis. Too many people in USA view Ping Pong as something you do giggling in the basement. That is fun stuff too, but we need a nation that accepts going out to a TT center as something that is not crazy, but actually FUN and competitive adventure.

6) Work to change USA TT club culture to welcome new players and create LEAGUES so that all players, regardless of level can compete near their level and enjoy the sport, not be crushed or ridiculed.

7) NexyUSA and its leaders will maximize the active use social media and internet TT forums to "Pimp-Up" Table Tennis and present it as fun, exciting and competitive, as well as provide avenues to highlight players and clubs. Sucess in this area leads to favorable exposure of Table Tennis in conventional media, like TV news and Newspapers. The "Viral" vid of our CEO making a smash to finish a shot, then getting counter-smashed by a 360 degree spinning no-look behind the back shot made MILLIONS of vies on the internet and turned into a sensation that news outlets and TV shows all over the WORLD picked up. This is the kind of publicity and promotion Table Tennis deserves and it what will change the "Hearts and Minds" of the public who do not yet actively participate in TT.  

This is the "Thug Life" version of the shot popular among the younger crowd.

Thug Life Version of the Vid.

NexyUSA is keen to identify and help young players love Table Tennis. You will in the coming months and years see many young players wearing our signature Contrast uniforms with their names proudly. Everyone wants to play just a little harder when they are wearing something that looks good . NexyUSA is all over social media and internet TT forums.

NexyUSA seeks to have respected players and leaders in local areas be part of "Team Nexy" to help the goals of NexyUSA and to provide a better way to test equipment before buying. You will see them in our TEAM NEXY uniforms.

You will see the leaders of Nexy on the forums and in public exhorting more participation. When there are more and more avid players everywhere, this will create a demand to make TT more accessible, ultimately resulting in more TT centers and TT adopted as a school sport.

This is a HUGE dream, yet many have been working hard and are making great progress. NexyUSA will make a difference and be out front with all the dedicated people who are working hard to advance Table Tennis in USA. 


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Mark Flores won the 4th Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial Tourney.  Yeah !!!  

Coca beach club is the newest one to use NEXY poly balls in their future tournament.

Coca beach club has decided to use NEXY poly balls in their future tournament.