NEXYUSA.COM has a goal of assisting young players by partially and fully sponsoring numerous young players at the local level to create a revolution that will result in an upward pressure and demand for better and MORE TT facilities. This all leads to Table Tennis becoming a school sport and accessible EVERYWHERE in USA. Many fine people in USA have been working to this end and has put their shoulders to the stone along with them. 

Look for more and more players wearing Nexy Contrast jersey looking sharp while enjoying table tennis.


NexyUSA currently sponsors three very young TT athletes and three university students.


These are the THREE young players who we support.

We hope to grow together with these youngsters!!

1. Sherlyn Barvie Perez

Sherlyn has Cuban heritage and got her start early in the sport... and she has obviously done very well !! She is coached by Team Nexy USA member Gary Fraiman and her results speak for themselves. Sherlyn loves TT and you will hear from her.

  • 1st Place in 8- 9 years old event, Bejucal Provincial Competition of Table Tennis - March 2012
  • 1st Place in Under 9 years old event, Barbados Martires Cup - May 2012
  • 1st Place in Under 9 years old event, Mayabeque Municipality National School Games - August 2012
  • Bejucal Provincial Best Athlete of 2012 - Awarded February 2013
  • Most Outstanding Athlete in Under 11, 13, & 15 years old event, Barbados Martires Cup - February 2013
  • 1st Place in Under 11 years old event - Barbados Martires Cup - February 2013
  • 1st Place in Under 11 years old event, Bejucal Western Zone Table Tennis Cup - May 2013
  • 1st place in the Elite Class at the Florida State Closed Table Tennis Tournament in Orlando - Nov 2014

2. Abe Gold

  This is Abe in action at a NYC area Westchester tourney he does often.

Abe has a good story. He only started playing a little over a year as a total beginner. Slowly, he got better and with his coach's help, training, and TT forum, he started to explode in growth. In 1.3 yrs, Abe went from a raw beginners level near 400 USATT to mid 1500 USATT. That is a making the upper end of average US club player in just over a year ! Abe is enthusiastic about TT and gets around the NYC TT scene. he also competes in a LOT of tourneys. If you see him out there wearing Nexy and doing his thing with the Nexy Sparticus, say hi to him.

  • 1500+ USATT level player after 14 months in the sport
  • Sponsored Nexy USA player
  • Active Table Tennis Daily Member

Ben Lerman


  • USATT Certified Umpire
  • Westchester TTC member
  • TT Enthusiast and avid player



These are the two university students currently supports.


Gabriel and Micaiah Skolnick



  • 2300+ USATT level and improving players with impressive recent wins
  • Attend Lindenwood University
  • Honor Students


This is newest addition to Team Nexy, from Dallas, TX Brandon Gardner. (Left in pic wearing black shirt)

Brandon Gardner

  • Longtime DFW area player/coach 2100-2200 USATT Rated with numerous U2100/U2200 titles
  • Flies accross USA for tourneys
  • Trains often with Texas Wesleyan squad  






















































































































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      Team Nexy El Paso Mark Flores wins tourney !!

      Mark Flores won the 4th Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial Tourney.  Yeah !!!  

      Coca beach club is the newest one to use NEXY poly balls in their future tournament.

      Coca beach club has decided to use NEXY poly balls in their future tournament.