Akkad - 7Ply Speed+Feel

$ 85.00

The Akkad is a blade Nexy Korea designed for the Korean Market. This blade fills the void left by the discontinued, but great Tibhar Kim Jung Hoon blade. It now in the European and USA markets.

Akkad has 7 plies, all-wood. The typical offensive shot using Akkad with an offensive rubber is a high arching, very spinny shot. This is like the Kim Jung Hoon blade with a higher arching trajectory. Top end gets into OFF zone and touch is exceptional. This blade helps you easily produce heavy spin openers with safety and placement with typical modern rubbers.

Price is an outstanding value for its performance.

Below is the description of the blade from the designer, along with a video clip and detailed pics.

As Nexy’s primary blade designer, I can say that we have been growing alongside Tibhar for the past 10-years.

The first motive for launching the NEXY brand was to fill some spaces Tibhar could not reach.

When I first started a table tennis business, Hinoki surfaced carbon blades fascinated the Korean market, but Tibhar could not provide it.

So, I created the Nexy brand to the fill market needs, and Tibhar has been an anchoring power for my brand.

Nexy can freely venture beyond Tibhar’s territory.

In other words, I have tried to respect Tibhar, and Nexy avoided crossing areas where Tibhar already resided.

Therefore, Nexy has developed uniquely from Tibhar, and I have found a perfect harmony between running the Tibhar business in the Korean market and designing Nexy blades.

However, during the past 10-years, Nexy collaborated with Tibhar on several occasions.

We proudly launched Inca, Aktium, and Kim Jung Hoon blades under the Tibhar brand name, and those blades helped Nexy to share new ideas with Korean players.

Those blades were sort of local products, because Tibhar did not release those models outside the Korean market.

But this year, Tibhar is internationally releasing AKKAD, named after the Earth’s first empire, with the designer’s name, ‘Oscar.’

So, this blade is the first blade to be globally introduced as a collaborative product between Tibhar and Nexy.

I tried to inspire the essence of Tibhar inside AKKAD, and players will feel the touch of Tibhar’s traditional blade line-up in it.

At the same time, I tried to consummate the very best of Nexy’s 5th Generation features into this blade.

It has the unique feeling of Tibhar blades — slightly vibrant on the impacting moment and expelling the ball farther than expected, like Tibhar’s Samsonov Premium Contact.

AKKAD is a well-balanced 7-ply blade with all the power of Tibhar blades.

But this blade also has many unique features that are based on Nexy’s 10-year endeavor.

AKKAD’s surface wood is the same as Rubicon, which features a high arc ball movement, and Arche, which features a powerful forehand and grippy backhand.

The core structure is borrowing from Nexy’s 3rd Generation blade, Kim Jung Hoon, which was quite powerful and spinny considering its thin structure.

Therefore, the general character of AKKAD borrows from Nexy’s 3rd and 4th Generations, and players will enjoy the core benefits from those two generations in this one blade. It is fast and spinny!

However, I have to add one more thing to highlight what Nexy is trying to accomplish in the 5th Generation. A big change in players’ style is underway in the global market.

Players are trying to get closer to the net, and they are making fast rallies in order to dominate the opponent by using a quicker tempo.

And we see the powerful long rallies are giving way to up-close, fast attacks.

Maybe this change is partly due to the ABS ball, and I tried to convert the general focus of Nexy’s blade performance to be more suitable for this new era.

So, AKKAD is extremely adept at quick responses, and easy to control. These qualities enable players to dominate the game with less effort.

AKKAD is scheduled for release in May of 2018 (Note for Euro market), and I sincerely hope you discover that it was well worth the wait.

Thank you for reading this article.




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